Optimum growth arises from

a healthy soil system...not excessive fertilising

Soil Testing

Using science

The only way to know which nutrients are available in your soil & and which are lacking.

Precise Nutrients

Exact feeding

The only way to provide the exact balance of nutrients that are required for healthy soil.

Leaching Prevention

Protect our waterways

The only way to protect from fertiliser leaching is by apply only the nutrients plants can utilise.

Sustainable Growth

Disease resistant growth

Optimum plant growth comes from a well balanced soil system.

Our Mission

Save our soils & improve fertility
  • soil science

    We think differently about soil

    By applying a little bit of Science we can make a BIG difference...

    If we all find out what's happening in our soil and understand it's composition we take the guess work out of what we need to apply to it ..

  • soil testing

    Soil testing & analysis

    We've done the science so you don't need to

    A soil test is inexpensive and provides all the information we need to help you understand your soil...

  • soil nutrition

    Precise Nutrients

    A plan customised to your specific needs.

    By analysisng your soil data, we can determine exactly which nutrients are required to rebalance the important ratios that make your soil healthy and fertile..

  • nutrient management plan

    Management Plans

    Applying and managing for the Long term...

    We provide management plans of nutrient applications at precisely calibrated and controlled quantities for long term improvements and optimum plant growth..

  • diversity of plant species

    Commitment to Diversity

    Species diverstiy is paramount to a healthy ecosystem.

    Healthy, well managed soil can sustain all species and effectively alter phenotypic plasticity.

Why soil is SO important?

We are what we eat - nutrient poor soil means nutrient poor humans
  • importance of soil health
  • soil health and nutrition
  • soil nutrient ratios
  • soil rehabilitation

Knowledge = Growth

Deficiencies are not always caused by a shortage of the element in question but rather by a poor combination with other nutrients.

The relative proportions of different nutrients have a direct effect not only on plant nutrition, but also on the substratum in which the plant grows.


A large percentage of our soil problems are related to ‘lock-ups’ and complexing through incorrect applications of inorganic and organic fertilisers. Plants can only take up nutrients in solution (dissolved in soil water). Nutrients in solution are 'ions' with a positive or negative charge. The balance of these charges determine which nutients are taken up by the plant and which ones are 'locked out'. If you don't know the nutrient ratios of your soil you don't know if the fertiliser you apply (organic or inorganic) will be utilised by your plants. Your plants may be missing out on essential nutrients for healthy growth even though they were present in the product you applied. Those nutrients not utilised, leach through the soil into groundwater.


Addressing the unkown is the secret to sustainable growth. There are some wonderful gardening products and tecniques available today but truly great results are only achieved from these products when the soil has been balanced and the conditions are right for these materials to function properly.

Our methods:

  • Effectively alter the phenotypic plasticity of plants making them more resilient to stress and disease
  • Reduce the impact of fertilsers on the environment
  • Reduce the need for herbicides
  • Eliminate fertiliser leaching into groundwater and waterways
  • Significantly reduce water usage and improve your soils water holding capacity
  • Improve microbial activity in the rhizoshpere


soil nutrient ratios

Hydrosoil Enterprises was established by scientists to address the issues surrounding plant and soil health and search for solutions to sustainable growth. We believe the expectation and demand for instant results has been fuelled by profitable fertilser companies, leading us down a pathway of reliance on products that push our precious resources to the limit...and eventually deplete the entire soil system.


We have devised unique approach to precise nutrition management that is not only cost effective and environmentally responsible, but applicable from large scale agriculture and commercial projects, to the everyday gardener.

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